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New EnterpriseSSL certificates from Comodo

We are pleased to inform you that our offer has been extended with the latest SSL certificates from Comodo. These are SSL certificates from the EnterpriseSSL certificates group. These are not only certificates that guarantee the highest level of security but also the prestige for a company that uses such SSL certificates. All certificates in […]

Email & Document Signing SSL Certificates

New product group: Email & Document Signing SSL certificates

We would like to kindly inform that a new group of SSL certificates has appeared in our offer Email & Document Signing SSL certificates. Certificates in this group guarantee not only the highest level of electronic correspondence security but also ensure full integrity and confidentiality of e-mails. These certificates can also be used for digital […]

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New SSL Certificates vendor in our offer: Certum

We are pleased to announce that we have added Certum SSL certificates to our offer. Certum is the largest and also the longest operating SSL certificates vendor in Poland. Formerly operating within Unizeto Technologies, currently Asseco. At the moment we offer 7 SSL certificates (more to come). Certificates offered by us can be used to […]

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New, lower prices for RapidSSL certificates

We would like to kindly inform that we have adjusted prices for RapidSSL certificates. New prices are lower. Currently we offer RapidSSL Standard and RapidSSL Wildcard. The price for RapidSSL Standard certificate has been reduced in the annual option to $8.63  (reduction of $1,99) and in the two-year option to $15.76 ($7.88 per year) – […]

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New prices for Comodo Elite SSL

We are pleased to inform you that the Comodo Elite SSL certificate has a new, attractive price. From today, Comodo Elite SSL in the annual option is for $43.20 net per year and in the two-year option for $78.75 net, which costs $39.75 net per year. The Comodo Elite SSL certificate is an OV validation certificate […]


Four myths concerning SSL certificates

There is a large number of myths that have appeared around SSL certification. Worse still, they may actually discourage you from purchasing SSL security for your site. The knowledge of general public concerning this topic still appears to be quite small. Therefore, we chose four myths that are especially common on the Internet. Our aim […]


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and your website. Do you really need SSL certificate?

According to GDPR, each website administrator is held responsible for the data that they actually process. It is, therefore, vital to consider how to protect the server connections in such a way that the data cannot be intercepted by unauthorized individuals, and an administrator does not have to deal with the consequences of such a […]

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