24 Jul 2017
21 Jul 2017

Important Comodo change

Comodo SSL CertificatesWe would like to inform you that all Comodo single-domain SSL certificates activated for www.example.com are issued without free SAN example.comfor now. Please activate your single-domain SSL certificates for domain.comin order to have free WWW SAN.

Changes to all Comodo Wildcard/GGSSL wildcard certificates. Now, base domain not protected, only *.domain.com + www.domain.com. domain.comwithout WWW not protected

Changes were done by Comodo without any pre-notifcation of anyone.

19 Jul 2017

Comodo validation changes

In response to changes in the CA/B Forum’s ‘Baseline Requirements’ and Mozilla policy, Comodo has implemented revised Domain Control Verification methods and policies. Starting at 19th July Comodo activated new rules for HTTP/DNS validation.

Email based DCV will remain the same process. DCV emails will however ‘time out’ after 30 days.

HTTP(S) based validation will change the location of where the text file must be placed, and some of the content of the file.

DNS based validation will change the format of the CNAME record and where the record points to.

Click here for a full description of the new methods.

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