18 Aug 2018
17 Aug 2018

What’s SSL? The basics of SSL certification

What’s SSL? SSL stands for the English Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encryption technology introduced by the Netscape company in the nineties of the previous century. SSL builds an encrypted connection between an Internet server and the visitor’s Internet browser. It enables you to send private data, while making tapping, data manipulation or message falsification impossible. read more

17 Aug 2018

Why is it a good idea to introduce an SSL certificate?

At present, when the vast majority of financial transactions is conducted via the Internet, and websites are required to fulfil rigorous standards for personal data protection, having an SSL certificate becomes a necessity. The investment in SSL certification is not only a requirement (The Chrome 68 edition is out now and it marks websites without SSL as “not secure”), but there are many practical reasons to own one. read more

16 Aug 2018

The Chrome 68 edition is out now and it marks websites without SSL as “not secure”

In accordance with what was formerly announced, Google released the latest, number 68, edition of their Chrome browser on the 24th of July 2018. With its release, the long-awaited changes concerning the signalization of pages without SSL certification came into operation. At present, upon entering a page unprotected with SSL, the latest Chrome browser will signal it is insecure, and proper information will be displayed next to the location bar of the browser. read more

16 Aug 2018
15 Aug 2018

Does Google AdWords require you to use an SSL certificate?

If you own an enterprise on the internet, the Google Adwords tool should be well familiar to you. It may be this particular tool that allows you to advertise your company and attract new customers, and therefore information about your account’s suspension could cause the sales of your company to fall dramatically. Unfortunately, this is a pretty realistic scenario if, for any reason, your website has not been secured with an SSL certificate.

read more

16 Jun 2018

New Comodo Elite SSL certificate in our offer

We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new Comodo Elite SSL certificate to our offer. This SSL certificate is fully business validated SSL Certificate, has an increased guarantee of up to $500,000 USD and FREE HackerGuardian vulnerability scan. The Comodo Elite SSL certificate is an ideal solution for company websites and e-commerce platforms.

Comodo Elite SSL is available on an annual and two-year option. Comodo Elite SSL: 1 year = $176.00, 2 years = $308.00 ($154.00 per year). Details of this ssl certificate and orders: Comodo Elite SSL.

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15 Jun 2018

What will bring the newest Chrome 68?

Already in July 2018, a new version of the Chrome browser will be marked with the number 68. One of the most important changes that will accompany the introduction of this version is marking pages that are not secured by an SSL certificate as “not secure”. This information will appear in the so-called omnibox, i.e. just next to the browser’s address bar (picture below).

What will this mean for visitors as well as for the owner of such a website?

First of all, the information will be sent to the visitor that the information sent may not be sent in a secure manner, and for the website owner itself this may result in a decrease in the number of visits. Google, the Chrome owner, aims to promote traffic through https: // and the change is to speed it up. Already, Google boasts that over:
– 68% of Chrome traffic on Android and Windows is now protected.
– 78% of Chrome traffic on Chrome and Mac operating systems is now protected.
– 81 of the 100 most popular websites use the HTTPS protocol by default.

How to prepare for the changes?
The best and recommended solution is to purchase and install an SSL certificate. Thanks to us, you can purchase an SSL certificate for your own quickly, conveniently and above all at an affordable price.The cheapest SSL certificate – Comodo PositiveSSL from just $4.74 per year! – Check – Comodo PositiveSSL

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08 Feb 2018

IMPORTANT: No more 3 years ssl certificates

No more 3 year licensing. The SSL industry is further shoring up their defenses, and doing away with 3 year certificate licesning terms on all SSL! Effective the 1 st March 2018, the new maximum permissible term on any and all certificates will be 2 years, well actually, to be specific 27 months. The 27 months comprises the initial 24 months validity plus an additional 3 months which as you all know, forms part of your 90 day renewal window.

We remove GeoTrust/RapidSSL/Symantec/Thawte 3yr SSL from 20.02.2018 and Comodo from 28.02.2018.

24 Jul 2017

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