Why is SSL certification so important?

All of the motions concerning Internet safety are becoming increasingly important and popular these days. Users pay more and more attention to the security measures taken in online services aiming at preventing sensitive data leakages (passwords, personal information etc.). One of the most important elements of an online store is an SSL certificate, whose main purpose is to encrypt all the messages exchanged between a server and a user’s Internet browser. What actually is SSL and why is it so important?

What is the meaning of the SSL abbrevation?

SSL comes from English for the words „Secure Socket Layer” and was introduced in 1994 by the Netscape company. The SSL certificate is used for transferring encrypted data between a user’s computer and a server, and it soon became a commonly used solution in networking. Why? The answer is not only the matter of security provision. The simplicty of installation and operation were also vital.
SSL secures all the data transferred between a visitor’s computer and a website’s database. Regardless of whether or not you are running an online store or have a form for collecting data on your website, an SSL certificate is indispensible.

Who is the SSL certificate for?

SSL certificate ensures the confidentiality and guarantees full security of the data transferred. Such a solution is widely used especially by:
– e-commerce industry (online stores),
– Banks and other financial institutions
– Public administration services (public information services, ticketing systems, dropboxes etc.),
– mailing serversand database servers
– file transfer server security (SFTP),
– other client-server applications.

SSL certificates and SEO.

Having an SSL certificate seems vital for the individuals who have decided on positioning of their website. Why? It is one of the crucial factors influencing the ranking position generated by the Google search engine. To obatain a higher rank, one has to meet the requirements enforced by a search engine. While your competition is positioning using the same key words as you, if you are using an SSL certificate, you have a good chance of attaining a much higher rank than them, because your website is rated higher by a search engine.

Why use SSL certificates?

Using SSL certificates constitutes the most important and the most common method of protecting confidential information trabsferred between a website and a network user. Such solutions are particularly useful in the fast developing industry of e-commerce and electronic banking. Apart from being extremely reliable and positively influence the prestige of the websites they protect, SSL certificates serve also as warranties of trustworthiness – if a user sends their data via website equipped with SSL, they may be certain that it reaches none else than its intendent recipient.
Without a doubt, SSL certificates are a warranty of safety in networking, which is particularly crucial at present – when the majority of transactions is conducted via the Internet – money is transferred, and a variety of bookings take place online, and vital data is stored in various services

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