What will bring the newest Chrome 68?

Already in July 2018, a new version of the Chrome browser will be marked with the number 68. One of the most important changes that will accompany the introduction of this version is marking pages that are not secured by an SSL certificate as “not secure”. This information will appear in the so-called omnibox, i.e. just next to the browser’s address bar (picture below).

What will this mean for visitors as well as for the owner of such a website?

First of all, the information will be sent to the visitor that the information sent may not be sent in a secure manner, and for the website owner itself this may result in a decrease in the number of visits. Google, the Chrome owner, aims to promote traffic through https: // and the change is to speed it up. Already, Google boasts that over:
– 68% of Chrome traffic on Android and Windows is now protected.
– 78% of Chrome traffic on Chrome and Mac operating systems is now protected.
– 81 of the 100 most popular websites use the HTTPS protocol by default.

How to prepare for the changes?
The best and recommended solution is to purchase and install an SSL certificate. Thanks to us, you can purchase an SSL certificate for your own quickly, conveniently and above all at an affordable price.The cheapest SSL certificate – Comodo PositiveSSL from just $4.74 per year! – Check – Comodo PositiveSSLCheck also our other ssl certificates:Domain Validation SSL Certificates
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