What is an SSL Wildcard certificate?

The SSL Wildcard protocol is a certificate that enables user to secure an unlimited number of subdomains within a given domain. Its primary advantage is that it provides protection not only for the domain itself, but also for all the subdomains it contains.

This solution has been designed specifically to cater for the needs of the individuals who conduct online businesses. Within a single main domain, you are allowed to place additional and independently advertised products, services, or tools having their own subdomain.
At present, a wide range of Wilcard-type SSL certificates is available. What makes them different from one another is usually their validation range or the length of the encryption keys. Such protocols, usually having the encryption strength of 128/256-bit, are properly recognisable by the majority of internet browsers and mobile devices that are in use at present.

What are the most important benefits of a Wildcard SSL certificate?
There are many signifact advantages to use Wildcard certificates, but the most prominent of those are:
– relatively simple management – it is sufficient to configure a single protocol to provide protection to your domain as well as to all its subdomains.
– single IP address – to secure all of the pages functioning within subdomains, you do not need to purchase any additional addresses
– optimization of costs – the purchase of a single Wildcard certificate for protecting several subdomains is a much more rational investment than buying several alternative solutions.

Why a Wildcard SSL certificate?
To sum it up, Wildcard certificates allow you to secure the data transferred between an Internet browser and a server and also to authenticate the owner and the name of a domain, while simultaneously making it possible to use the protocol for numerous pages within a single domain.
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