Rebrand Comodo CA to Sectigo – what do I need to know?

Sectigo SSL

As we have reported earlier (see: Comodo CA changed their name to SECTIGO) Comodo CA, with the date of November 1, 2018 changed its name to Sectigo. The change is related to the fact that the Comodo CA brand dealing with SSL certificates was taken over, in autumn 2017, by Francisco Partners. This entity, under the Comodo CA brand, continued to operate on the same markets, participated in the same solutions and helped the same buyers as the Comodo Group. The decision to change the brand was made to avoid confusion, and to help carry out the mission to protect organizations/companies of all sizes and provide the highest quality security.

What is changing?
Although it may look like a simple change of name and logo at first glance, the changes are much larger than just changing the graphical visualization. Here’s a quick summary of everything that’s new:

  • The company’s new name: Comodo CA changed its name and from November 1, 2018 its official name is Sectigo – the change is dictated, among others to clearly distinguish a new company from its predecessors and prevent misunderstandings.
  • New logo: the company logo has been updated. From 1/11/2018, the new logo should be displayed with the slogan “Dawniej Comodo CA – Formerly Comodo SA”. Below we present a new graphic identification:
    Sectigo brandsSectigo Brands
  • New brand: the brand has been updated to provide an even higher level of security on the Internet. A new product line logo for EnterpriseSSL, InstantSSL and PositiveSSL has also been created.Sectigo new brand
  • New TrustLogo: updated Sectigo TrustLogo, which customers will receive after issuing the SSL certificate. Below is a new graphic diagram:
    Sectigo TrustLogo New
  • A new management team: A significant part of the team, including senior management, is new from the moment it is separated from the Comodo Group, which results in a continuous flow of innovations and improvements. Currently, Sectigo employs are the best in the industry from companies such as Entrust, Symantec, Venafi and others.
  • Improved processes: the new management team was strictly committed to improving all aspects of the business, including practices and systems, navigation and communication, to ensure the highest standards of service and solutions provided.
  • New headquarters: from July 2018, the new headquarters moved from Clifton to Roseland, New Jersey. It was necessary to expand to take into account the growing portfolio of IoT (Internet of Things and Network) security offers.Comodo HQ

Frequently asked questions related to the rebrand (FAQ):

  1. If I have Comodo products, do I have to make any changes?
    No. You do not need to make any changes to existing solutions.
  2. Do I need to reinstall my certificate after changing the brand?
    No. No change in this area is necessary. Your SSL certificate will continue to be valid until its expiration date. It will not affect the operation of browsers, eg in the form of displaying warnings.
  3. Will the level of technical support change?
    No. You will get the same level of support and services you receive until now.
  4. Will product prices change?
    As a result of the rebrand, prices will not change. Of course, changes can occur as a result of significant changes in the currency market.
  5. What will happen to the pages and
    During the transition period, these two sites will still be available, due to allowing customers to get used to changing. However, after the rebranding process, both parties will be gradually withdrawn from use. The current website is
  6. What will happen to the root Comodo CA certificates?
    The Comodo Authority root certificates will remain trusted. All newly issued certificates will continue to contain the main Comodo certificates until the new brand is established.
  7. Will Comodo continue to display as a CA in web browsers?
    Yes. Comodo will continue to be displayed as a Certification Authority in browsers until rebranding is completed.

Full press release about rebranding:

In case of any questions related to the above change, please contact us:

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