How does an SSL certificate influence your website’s trustworthiness?

At present, when the majority of efficient marketing is conducted online, websites are forced to compete one another in order to win customers. Each company that operates online tries to attract as much clients as it is possible, and it is the most beneficial to them, when these come back to make use of provided services again. The investment in SSL certification is one of the best marketing decisions that may be made. The article below explains why it is so important:

1. A customer wants to feel safe.

According to the Main Office for Statistics’ report, more than 80% of Polish users are concerned about their online safety. It is fundamental, then, to establish the customers’ trust for the website where some services are offered. If you consider the fact that SSL certification has become standard nowaday, each page that provides services and does not utilise this protocol is autimatically perceived as suspicious by a potential customer. If you believe it is important to make your users keep on using your services, you need the SSL protocol which encrypts connections and, thus, provides security that is so important to your clientele. The https is no longer an option at present. It has bcome a necessity.

2. Google algorhithms favor encrypted connections.

The most important task that Internet marketing faces is the proper positioning of websites. It was in 2014 that Google announced that using encrypted connections is a factor that positively influences the website rank in the positioning system. Therefore, if you want to do everything to make sure that your website is the one sppearing on the top of the Google search inquiries, and SSL certification is not familiar to you, this means there is a rather serious gap in your marketing strategy. For the better positioning rank of a website, it is indispensible to have encrypted connection.

3. Internet browsers might warn visitors against your website.

Internet browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, inform their users that your website is not protected. Additionally, Firefox adds the alert for the users that the data they insert into the website might be intercepted. You may be absolutely certain, then, that even a visitor who is not very well Internet-safety-literate will think more than twice before deciding to even enter their data on your website. In this way, you may lose hundreds of potential customers, who, keeping their Internet security in mind, will choose another website offering exactly the same type of service.

4. The awareness of online security is on the rise.

Most users who give up visits in local shops in favor of online shopping, are willing to check and learn how to protect their personal information. There is still a rather large number of individuals who give up their online shopping cart, because they feel worried about the safety of their transactions. At present, virtually every website that is concerned with online security presents the information that the websites what do not employ encrypted connections should best be avoided. You should definitely keep in mind that people who consider using your services are not only choosing between your offer and the ones of your competitors, but some of them are just starting to use online services and are highly sceptical about them. The warnings about the possible dangers to our Internet safety being almost omnipresent, using SSL certification seems a viable and reasonable option.

Having an SSL certificate, therefore is not only a matter of keeping the personal data of your customers safe, but it is also an important marketing strategy that may help you establish customers trust when it come to your website and services. Facing fierce competition of other companies’ services, you may increase your chances of attracting and keeping numerous customers by using encrypted connections. In this way, you can show them that you treat their Internet security seriously, and that you find their trust important.

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