Does Google AdWords require you to use an SSL certificate?

If you own an enterprise on the internet, the Google Adwords tool should be well familiar to you. It may be this particular tool that allows you to advertise your company and attract new customers, and therefore information about your account’s suspension could cause the sales of your company to fall dramatically. Unfortunately, this is a pretty realistic scenario if, for any reason, your website has not been secured with an SSL certificate.

For what kind of websites is SSL certfication mandatory?

According to the Google Adword’s policy, an SSL certificate is required for all the websites that gather data concerning:

  • credit card and bank account numbers,
  • money transfers,
  • identification documents,
  • health insurances etc.

In case your website includes a page, which can be used to collect the aforementioned data (it may be a registration or a logon page), you are obliged to introduce an SSL certificate.

How long has Google AdWords required SSL certification?

Since its conception, Google has pu special emphasis on the matters concerning the Internet safety of users and remains extremely consequent about it. The necessity for companies using Google AdWords to secure their websites with the SSL protocol is nothing new, but many individuals still fail to observe it. This policy has been officially announced by AdWords in May of 2011.

Is SSL necessary for all kinds of AdWords advertisments?

According to the Google Adwords policy, an SSL certificate is required for all the websites that gather and process data concerning personal financial information. The AdWords Rule Information Center does no specify, however, to which types of advertisements this policy is and is not applied, which suggests that this policy should be applied to all of the available ones. In reality, the rule that obliges an enterpreneur to use SSL protocol on their website is not executed. An exception to this, however, are the advertisements with a list of products, commonly referred to as PLA (Product Listing Ads) and Google Shopping. In such cases, the lack of SSL certificate may cause a company’s account to be suspended.

What certificate is sufficient is sufficient to meet AdWords verification standards?

At present, there is a wide choice of available certificates, and their prices range from below one hundred zlotys to more than ten thousand zlotys (one zloty = around 0.23 euro). In case, yoou are only interested in just passing the Google AdWords verification procedure, it is enough that you purchase a simple DV validation certificate – check our the cheapest DV ssl certificate: Comodo PositiveSSL. On the other hand, if your website spreads across a domain and several subdomains, and the sensitive data is collected virtually everywhere, it will be much wiser for you to invest in a Wildcard certificate – check our the cheapest wildcard ssl certificate: Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard.

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