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Sectigo LogoSectigo CPAC Basic SSL Certificate (formerly Comodo CPAC Basic) is a certificate from a group of personal authentication certificates. This is a new generation of SSL SMIME/Email certificates. Thanks to the use of CPAC certificates, you can digitally sign and encrypt e-mail messages, digitally sign documents created in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. CPAC SSL Certificates are 3 solutions in 1 and allow you to get the following benefits:

Private and secure e-mail
Personal Authentication Certificates (CPAC) ensure true and complete encryption of messages between you and your recipients (contacts). Signed and encrypted email cannot be intercepted and decrypted using “man-in-the-middle attacks”, packet sniffers or using https proxy servers.

Digitally sign outgoing email messages
Authenticate as the sender of the sent e-mail and you will prevent anyone from changing the content of the sent messages without notifying the recipient.

Encrypt e-mail messages
Guarantee privacy by making sure that your outgoing emails cannot be intercepted and read by anyone except the intended recipients.

Encrypt EmailsDigitally sign documents
Personal Authentication Certificates allow you to sign important documents to confirm their authenticity and that they have not been altered since they were signed.
• The CPAC certificate certifies the identity of the person signing the documents, thus confirming their authenticity and integrity.
• CPAC can be used in conjunction with or to replace the traditional signature feature of Microsoft Office products.
• CPAC certification ensures compliance with industry directives and privacy/security policies with frameworks that require digitally signed documents.
• The CPAC certificate allows you to resign from the traditional flow of documents and signatures on contracts, contracts, documents, archives, etc., replacing it all with a digital signature.

Digitally sign documents

Authenticate and authorize everyone who logs in to your website
CPAC certificate allows companies to set a banking standard for the two-factor authentication of users logging in to their websites. Once installed on your computer or mobile device, the CPAC certificate will be seamlessly requested and verified by your web server before the user can access their account. The verification and authentication process is transparent for users, and thus is not a problem to use in the current, standard process of entering a username and password.

Users authenticationCheck also: CPAC Pro and CPAC Enterprise

* This SSL certificate is available on a multi-year subscription basis. Check what it means and how much you can save thanks to it: Multi-year Subscription SSL Certificates.

Important: To generate and obtain a CPAC certificate, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Mozilla Firefox. CPAC certificate cannot be generated using Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Product Name
Site Seal
Period of Validity
Sectigo SSL
Sectigo CPAC Basic
up to 3 minutes
E-mails / Documents
1 year
Sectigo SSL
Sectigo CPAC Basic
up to 3 minutes
E-mails / Documents
2 years*
Sectigo SSL
Sectigo CPAC Basic
up to 3 minutes
E-mails / Documents
3 years*

Key Benefits

  • Encrypt and digitally sign your e-mails.
  • Two-factor authentication of users and employees.
  • Digitally sign Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents.
  • CPAC Basic certificate is fully recognizable by all major e-mail clients and web browsers.
  • Very simple and convenient to implement for employees or customers.
  • Highest strength of 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit signature.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

SSL certificate with DV validation is available to individuals, companies and organizations. It is not necessary to present paper documents. Verification and validation is done electronically via e-mail. To receive the SSL CPAC Basic certificate, you must confirm the rights to the e-mail address for which the certificate will be generated. For this purpose, it is enough to click the authorization link in the automatic message sent at the time of ordering the SSL certificate. The whole process is very quick – within a few minutes. The certificate is also sent to the e-mail address for which it was generated.

Supported Browsers and Devices

OS: Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, Windows 7, Vista, Xp, 2000, Linux.
Servers OS: Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Novell, etc.
Web Servers: Microsoft IIS 7, IIS6, Apache, Tomcat, IBM HTTP, Weblogic, Cobalt.
E-mail clients: Netscape Communicator 4.51+,Microsoft Outlook 99+,Microsoft Entourage (OS/X),Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0+,Qualcomm Eudora 6.2+,Lotus Notes (6+), etc.

Technical Support

As a valued customer, you get free technical support for any problems with your SSL certificate, questions related to SSL certificate usage, SSL certificate installation, or the life cycle of your SSL certificate. Sectigo (formerly Comodo), the company behind CPAC SSL certificates, is known for industry-leading customer service and support.

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