Sectigo PositiveSSL Trial certificate (formerly Comodo PositiveSSL Trial certificate) is valid for 90 days and is as trusted as paid SSL certificates. This means the free certificate is recognized by 99.9% of all browsers and devices and can immediately go to work securing your web site.

Sectigo PositiveSSL Trial SSL is a fully functional digital certificate, your visitors will see the golden padlock and won’t see security warnings.

Trial SSL certificate is valid for 90 days and are limited to one issuance per domain.

Sectigo PositiveSSL Trial SSL


    • Encryption Strength: 128/256bit
    • Green Bar: No
    • Extended Validation: No
    • Validation: Domain Validation (DV)
    • Warranty: $0 USD (Trial)
    • Express Delivery: Yes
    • Support for IDN: Yes
    • Support for SAN (UC): No
    • Issuance Time: up to 3 minutes
    • SSL Type: Single Domain SSL
    • Daily Web Site malware scanning: No
    • Free Reissues: Yes
    • SSL Validity: 3 months
    • Universal Browser Compatibility: Yes
    • Compatibility with Mobile Devices: Yes
    • Certificates both with/without "www": Yes
    • Free secure site seal: Yes
    • Key length of 2048 bit: Yes


Key Benefits

  • Test your new site’s SSL Security Certificate before it goes live.
  • Secure your website free of charge for the next 3 months.
  • Highest strength 2048 bit signatures / 256 bit encryption.
  • See how easy it is to work with Sectigo – install your certificate instantly.
  • Do not let your security lapse. Get an SSL certificate for free and stay secure if your current certificate is due to expire.

Sectigo TrustLogoSecure Site Seal – will show all users that the site has been protected. You can get it free and display it on your website so that the potential customers visiting it will automatically know that the site has 256-bit encryption. They will know that they are protected and will trust the website. The more trust they have, the more sales you will make.

Domain Validation SSLDomain Validation Certificate – A domain validated certificate is one in which the validated identifying information contained in the certificate is limited to the domain in which the Web site is located. If one of these certificates validates correctly, then the browser displays the padlock icon.

Supported DevicesSupported Browsers and Devices – Browser and devices compatibility is the most important part of SSL usage. Sectigo (formerly Comodo) SSL certificates are supported by 99,9+ browsers and devices. PositiveSSL Trial is inherently trusted by 99.9% of the current Internet population. This makes PositiveSSL as equally trusted as more expensive certificates from Symantec and Thawte. Please check the full list of supported devices and browsers.

SupportCustomer support is available all of the time – As a valued SSL customer, you receive first class technical support for any issues or questions you may have during any part of the application, installation or life-cycle of your SSL certificate. Sectigo (formerly Comodo), the company behind the PositiveSSL product range, is renowned for its industry leading customer care and technical support. As a valued SSL customer, you can expect both telephone and email support for any issues you may face or questions you may have during any stage of applying for, installing or using your SSL certificate.

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